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I’ve recently run across the “101 in 1,001” meme on dozens of blogs all over the place. It struck me as a really fascinating idea, so I’ve set out to create my own list. Yeah, maybe I’m jumping on a bandwagon, but sometimes the bandwagon is so good you just can’t help it.

I won’t go out of my way to create a new entry every time I accomplish something on the list, but I will every once in a while post that I’ve accomplished a number of things on the list.

Apparently the big day is Wednesday, February 27, 2008. As soon as I figure out how to add a countdown timer to this in textpattern, there will be a friendly reminder of how much time I have left.

The Mission:

Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:

Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part).


1 – Take a yoga class and stick with it for at least three weeks.
2 – Go 21 days without eating food that wasn’t prepared by me.
3 – Take up a martial art and stick with it for at least three weeks.
4 – Weight between 170 and 175 pounds for at least three months.
5 – Do 100 push-ups in one session.
6 – Get a tattoo.
7 – Do 100 crunches in one session.
8 – Cycle 1000km in 10 consecutive days.
9 – Stop drinking coffee for seven consecutive days without being cranky.
10 – Consume nothing but water for 24 consecutive hours.
11 – Run 10km in one session.
12 – Stop consuming dairy for seven consecutive days.
13 – Have a pedicure.
14 – Bleach my hair blonde.


15 – Take a digital photography course.
16 – Take a philosophy course.
17 – Take a vegetarian cooking class.
18 – Read War and Peace.
19 – Read the Koran cover-to-cover.
20 – Read the Bible cover-to-cover
21 – Write a fictional story and publish it online.
22 – Build a homemade telescope.
23 – Avoid watching television for 14 consecutive days.
24 – Practice handwriting till I find a hand I like, then use it consistently ever after.
25 – Find a picture of myself I like, frame it and hang it.
26 – Avoid swearing for one day without getting cranky about it.
27 – Create a new email address and use it as my principle account.
28 – Have a dinner that costs more than $200.
29 – Have a dinner that costs less than $2.Soup: $0.45, Two pieces toast: $0.48. Dinner for 93 cents. – August 22, 2005
30 – Spend a week without using a computer.
31 – Spend 6 hours in the AGO.
32 – Wake up at 6:00am every day for seven consecutive days without going to bed before 11:30pm.


33 – Visit the graves of my three dead grandparents.
34 – Give a flower to a random person on the street.
35 – Make a new friend.
36 – Put $5 into a jar every day for a calendar year and give total to a charity.
37 – Learn to say “Thank you for making the world a better place” in 10 non-english languages.
38 – Work 10 hours in the local food bank.
39 – Pay for the order of the person behind me in the Tim Horton’s drive-thru.
40 – Find ten good things to say about George W. Bush.
41 – Create an indoor zen garden at least 4 square feet in area.
42 – Make a new enemy.


43 – Have dinner with a Muslim and a Jew.
44 – Visit a Buddhist temple.
45 – Stay up all night and watch the sunrise.
46 – Rip all my CDs and then pack them away.
47 – Keep an active sketchbook for three consecutive months.
48 – Paint a painting.
49 – Go to a firing range and shoot a handgun.
50 – Watch all three Godfather movies.
51 – Learn to make five fancy alcoholic drinks, of which at least two require a blender.
52 – Go on a proper picnic, complete with gingham picnic cloth, picnic basket and ants.
53 – Climb a tall tree.
54 – Have one of my websites slashdotted.
55 – Buy “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” on DVD, and watch it at least once without being interrupted.
56 – Play a correspondence chess game and win.
57 – Have an aquarium and keep the fish alive for at least 6 months.
58 – Go to a Toronto Maple Leaf’s hockey game.
59 – Have a real pen pal I’ve never met before, with real paper letters (not email).
60 – Bake a blueberry pie with fresh blueberries.
61 – Find an after-hours club in my city and attend.
62 – Juggle four objects for at least 5 minutes without dropping any of them.
63 – Meet a girl named “Gwen” and buy her a drink.


64 – Discontinue all newspapers to my house.
65 – Plant two trees.
66 – Grow an interesting indoor plant (and not kill it).
67 – Trim the hedge (12 feet tall, 100 feet long, 8 feet thick!).
68 – Avoid using of a car for 7 days.
69 – Grow three different vegetables in a garden, and eat them.


70 – Record an original song and publish it online.
71 – Play a gig in which at least 50% of the songs are original music. Last Wednesday night was really slow. We played two covers and 12 originals. – August 23, 2005
72 – Busk with a complete stranger for at least an hour, but leave all the money for them.
73 – Practice bass scales for an hour a day for seven consecutive days.
74 – Attend Hillside.
75 – Build a fretless bass.
76 – Build a matching fretted bass.
77 – Learn Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue flawlessly on piano.
78 – Play six gigs in six consecutive nights.


79 – Zero my VISA balance and keep it that way for three consecutive months.
80 – Put $5 into a jar every day for a calendar year and use the total to spoil myself.
81 – Draft my will.
82 – Buy at least one share in Apple.


83 – Finally get around to getting a passport.
84 – Get a cool black leather jacket. Christmas 2005. Is anything cooler than black leather?
85 – Replace my nine year old Ray-Ban sunglasses (harder than you’d think). bought new Rayban sunglasses (polarized!) – June 24, 2005
86 – Buy at least 5 really interesting antique keys.
87 – Sell something I love. - my Contessa 26!
88 – Buy a TerraTrike TTS.
89 – Throw out 20 things I haven’t used in the last six months.
90 – Buy a dSLR.
91 – Throw out five things I’ve owned for more than five years (that weren’t involved in any other list item).
92 – Buy an expensive bottle of Single Malt.
93 – Buy an original piece of art and hang it on a wall.


94 – Visit New York City for at least 48 hours.
95 – Visit Montreal for at least 48 hours.
96 – Spend a night at anchor (not in port) alone in my boat.
97 – Cycle and camp across Canada from Pacific to Atlantic.
98 – Skydive.
99 – Dip my toes in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in the same week.
100 – Circumnavigate Lake Ontario solo on my sailboat.
101 – See the Aurora Borealis from Baffin Island.

And that’s the list. I know of dozens of other bloggers who are doing this, but that’s no reason you shouldn’t.


Jorge Thursday June 2, 2005

How about “Dip my toes in the Atlantic and Pacific AT THE SAME TIME?”

That’s more of a challenge.

Adrian Thursday June 2, 2005

You can do that in Chile, technically.

Sweetie Friday June 3, 2005

I’m all for the tattoo, and skydiving is an absolutely wondrous experience, trust me, but what is with the blonde hair?

K Friday June 3, 2005

and i didn’t had the heart to say that…
please pleeeeaaaase, don’t bleech them!


Adrian Tuesday June 7, 2005

I didn’t say it’d be a permanent thing, did I?

I’ve been blonde before.

But I’ve never had black hair.

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